Seaver Autism Center Co-organizes PMSF First International Symposium

On March 3-4, 2011, the Seaver Autism Center co-organized the First International Phelan-McDermid Syndrome Symposium. The Symposium brought researchers, clinicians, and parent advocacy groups together to discuss 22q13 deletion syndrome, Shank3, and the development and implementation of novel therapeutics. Dr. Joseph Buxbaum moderated a round table discussion, and Dr. Ozlem Bozdagi Gunal gave a presentation about Shank3-deficient mice.

Throughout both days of the Symposium both the theme of sharing among scientists, as well as of collaboration between researchers and families, arose frequently. The Symposium ended with breakout sessions that encouraged honest brainstorming from all involved. These ideas will serve as a valuable springboard for Shank3/PMS research and advocacy in the future.

To read more about the Symposium, please visit the PMS Foundation website. (

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